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Pema Bhum


M.A., Northwest Nationalities Institute in Lanzhou, Gansu Province (PRC)
Pema Bhum is the Executive Director and co-founder of The Latse Project. He served as the director of Latse Library for 17 years. He holds an M.A. in Tibetan Studies from the Northwest Nationalities Institute in Lanzhou, Gansu Province (PRC), where he also taught Tibetan language and literature. After his arrival in India in 1988, he founded the first independent Tibetan language newspaper in exile, Dmangs-gtso, and the Tibetan literary magazine, Ljang-gzhon. From 1992-1996, he served as founding director of the Amnye Machen Institute in Dharamsala, India, and for two years taught Tibetan language and literature at Indiana University. He is author of two memoirs of the Cultural Revolution — Six Stars with a Crooked Neck (2001), and Dran tho rdo ring ma (2006)–as well as Heartbeat of a New Generation, now translated into three languages. He has also authored several articles, the most recent of which are published in issues of the Latse Library Newsletter. Developed syllabi and taught students in-person and using distance-learning technology as part of the Shared Course Initiative serving students at Columbia, Yale and Cornell universities. Intermediate (Fall 2015-Spr 2020), Advanced (Fall 2020-present)
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