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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

This page was updated February 19, 2021.  Information is subject to change.
Courses marked with an * are available for graduate credit.
ASIAN LC 260Cities and Modernity in South AsiaMW  2pm-3:20pm
ASIAN LC 290Buddhism and ViolenceTTh  11am-12:20pm
ASIAN LC 375*Politics of Exclusion: Caste and Race in India and the United StatesTTh  2pm-3:20pm
ASIAN LC 492*Grad Seminar: Studies in Modern Buddhism T  2pm-4:50pm
CHINESE 111-3Chinese IMTWThF  10am-10:50am
CHINESE 111-3Chinese IMTWThF  9am-9:50am
CHINESE 111-3Chinese IMTWThF  1pm-1:50pm
CHINESE 115-3Chinese I - AcceleratedMTThF  11am-11:50am
CHINESE 115-3Chinese I - AcceleratedMTThF  12pm-12:50pm
CHINESE 121-3Chinese IIMTWThF  10am-10:50am
CHINESE 121-3Chinese IIMTWThF  11am-11:50am
CHINESE 121-3Chinese IIMTWThF  12pm-12:50pm
CHINESE 121-3Chinese IIMTWThF  1pm-1:50pm
CHINESE 125-3Chinese II - AcceleratedMTThF  10am-10:50am
CHINESE 125-3Chinese II - AcceleratedMTThF  11am-11:50am
CHINESE 125-3Chinese II - AcceleratedMTThF  1pm-1:50pm
CHINESE 211-3Chinese IIIMTWTh  5pm-5:50pm
CHINESE 211-3Chinese IIIMTWTh  7pm-7:50pm
CHINESE 215-3Chinese III - AcceleratedTWThF  2pm-2:50pm
CHINESE 311-3Chinese IV - Formal Reading TTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
CHINESE 315-3Chinese IV - Accelerated: Advanced Reading and WritingTTh  9:30am-10:50am
HINDI URDU 111-3Hindi-Urdu IMTWThF  10am-10:50am
HINDI URDU 121-3Hindi-Urdu IIMTWThF  12pm-12:50pm
HINDI URDU 210Health and Well-beingMW  12:30pm-1:50pm
HIND URDU 316Translation and LiteratureMF  2pm-3:20pm
JAPANESE 111-3Japanese IMTWThF  10am-10:50am
JAPANESE 111-3Japanese IMTWThF  11am-11:50am
JAPANESE 111-3Japanese IMTWThF  12pm-12:50pm
JAPANESE 121-3Japanese IIMTWThF  12pm-12:50pm
JAPANESE 121-3Japanese IIMTWThF  1pm-1:50pm
JAPANESE 211-3Japanese IIIMTThF  10am-10:50am
KOREAN 111-3Korean IMTWThF  9am-9:50am
KOREAN 111-3Korean IMTWThF  10am-10:50am
KOREAN 111-3Korean IMTWThF  12pm-12:50pm
KOREAN 121-3Korean IIMTWThF  5pm-5:50pm
KOREAN 121-3Korean IIMTWThF  6pm-6:50pm
KOREAN 121-3Korean IIMTWThF  7pm-7:50pm
KOREAN 211-3Korean IIIMTWTh  1pm-1:50pm
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