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Language Courses

JAPANESE 111-1,2,3 Japanese I - Beginning college-level sequence to develop basic literacy and oral proficiency in Japanese. This course introduces the Hiragana and Katakana syllabaries and Kanji (Chinese characters).

JAPANESE 121-1,2,3 Japanese II - College-level second-year sequence to further develop basic literacy and oral proficiency.

JAPANESE 211-1,2,3 Japanese III - Intermediate-level sequence to further develop literacy and oral proficiency. Focus on social and cultural issues and language for discussing them.

JAPANESE 310-0 Japanese IV: Special Topics in Reading Japanese Literature in Japanese - Reading of original texts of Japanese literature, criticism, and nonfiction focused on particular themes. Translation skills are emphasized; discussion in English.

JAPANESE 311-1 Japanese IV: Reading Modern Japanese Literature in Japanese - Focus on learning pre-1946 orthography and reading of original texts of modern short stories. Translation skills are emphasized; discussion in English.

JAPANESE 312-1 Japanese IV: Contemporary Japanese Literary Works for Reading and Discussion -Focus on reading contemporary Japanese poems, essays, short stories, and novels; discussion in Japanese.

JAPANESE 313-1 Japanese IV: Japanese Newspaper Reading and News Listening - Focus on reading Japanese newspaper articles and debating in Japanese the issues discussed. Develops news listening skills.

JAPANESE 314-1 Japanese IV: Japanese Essay Writing - Focus on refining writing skills-narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and argumentative. Review of grammar and expressions through writing clinics.

JAPANESE 399-0 Independent Study - For students who have advanced with distinction beyond the regular course offerings in Japanese.

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