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Application Deadline: Feb. 18

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Study Abroad in CHINA/Taiwan Information Session 2023-2024

Learn about various study abroad options in China/Taiwan from program returnees, faculty, and staff from the Global Learning Office.

Date: TBA
Time: TBA
Place: TBA

To learn more about Study abroad possibilities in the sinosphere, please contact the Study Abroad advisers Wen-pin Hsieh or Chin-Hung Chang. ALC majors/minors need to consult ALC's Director of Undergraduate Studies before their study abroad experience to discuss which courses will count towards meeting ALC degree requirements. Students who come back from a study abroad or summer program at any institutions (including IPD Beijing Summer Program) and want to continue language study at Northwestern and/or want to transfer credits for language course work to Northwestern MUST also take the placement test. 

You can find additional information at the Global Learning Office’s websites listed below:

NU Affiliated Programs (listed in alphabetical order)

Non-Affiliated Programs

The following programs are notable non-affiliated study abroad programs.

For information on NU's affiliated and non-affiliated study abroad application procedures, contact the Global Learning Office.

You can also find useful information about unaffiliated summer programs on the Global Learning Office website. 


Scholarships for studying in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China, and Republic of China (Taiwan).

Some study abroad programs offer financial aid. Please check the relevant programs for detailed information.