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Honors Program

ALC students with strong academic records (a GPA of 3.5 in ALC major and 3.3 overall) may pursue honors in the major. Students interested in writing an honors thesis are strongly encouraged to begin formulating a topic and to contact their potential ALC thesis advisor by the spring of their junior year.

Typically, students begin writing the honors thesis as part of the required Senior Seminar, taken in the fall of their senior year. The 12-15 page paper written in this course generally serves as an initial, partial draft of the longer honors thesis. If they have not already done so by the end of their junior year, students must identify a thesis advisor specializing in their area of research as well as one independent faculty reader (this constitutes the thesis committee) at the beginning of the fall quarter of their senior year. The thesis advisor establishes, in consultation with the student, the agenda and general schedule for the research and for the writing of the thesis. To be eligible for honors, students are required to take an additional 2 units of Asian_LC 399 (Independent Study) with their thesis advisor over the winter and spring quarters of their senior year (399 courses dedicated to the honors thesis do not count towards the 15 courses required for the major.) The honors thesis is typically 30-40 pages in length and is due around the second week of May. Completion of the senior seminar and two quarters of independent study do not assure the granting of Honors.

Recommendation for honors:

The ALC Undergraduate Honors Committee (comprised of 3-4 ALC faculty members and the department chair) recommends students for honors, but their recommendation is subject to approval by the Weinberg College Committee on Undergraduate Academic Excellence. The ALC Honors Committee uses the following criteria for the recommendation for or against honors:

*Exceptions may be made to the GPA requirements with approval of the Director Undergraduate Studies.

If the department recommends honors, this recommendation is forwarded to the Weinberg College Committee on Undergraduate Academic Excellence. Please visit the Weinberg College Honors Procedures page for more information.