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Major and Minors

The Department of Asian Languages and Cultures offers a major in Asian Languages and Cultures (15 courses) with five different tracks (Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean, and Comparative) and two minors (7 courses each), the minor in Advanced Asian Languages (Chinese, Hindi-Urdu, Japanese, Korean), and the minor in Asian Humanities.

During the Fall 2020 quarter, all advising will be done remotely and students can declare a major or minor online. Additional information and the relevant forms are available here. If you have questions or would like to declare the major or one of our minors, please contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Studying Abroad

While we strongly encourage students to spend time abroad, there are limits to the number of study abroad credits students can count towards the major and minors. For more information, please review the ALC Major or Minors page or contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

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