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Language Placement

Chinese Language Placement Test 2020-2021

Who needs to take the Chinese placement test?

All first-year students and all transfer students who have either studied Chinese before or have prior exposure to Mandarin Chinese at home, and plan to fulfill a language requirement and/or would like to continue their study of Chinese. This rule applies to all students in all schools and programs, including graduate school and professional schools. Students must take the online placement test and the validation test before registering for courses. 

The online placement test is NOT required if

What does the Chinese Language Placement Test look like?

Chinese placement test includes online placement test AND validation test. Students must complete both the online placement test and the validation test before their final placement results are posted.

Note: This is a formal exam. Students are not allowed to ask for help during the online test.

How do I take the online portion?

The online placement test site:

After finishing the online placement test between June 15 and two days before the validation test in the Wildcat Welcome Week, students will get tentative placement results along with information of the validation test at the same site. Please note the tentative result is NOT your final result. The final result won’t be posted at the same site until the validation test is completed.

Please note the test result is valid for 12 months, and students are not allowed to retake the test within 12 months.

*Due to the uncertainty and the complexity affected by the COVID-19, the placement results from summer 2019 will remain valid until fall 2020.

Special note to new students:

All new students should take the online placement test before July 31st. If you cannot do so for legitimate reasons, please take it as soon as possible. After taking the online placement test, within five business days, you should check the same URL as above for your online tentative placement results and further instruction on the validation test.

Will there be an in-person validation test in fall 2020?

The Chinese validation test for fall 2020 will be held online. After the online portion is completed, you will be instructed on how to take the validation exam. Please check back the online test site for your tentative placement and the information about the online validation test.

How can I take the validation test after week one of Fall quarter, or in Winter/Spring?

By appointment only. Please take the online placement test first, and email Professor Chin-Hung Chang (, the placement coordinator of Chinese Language Program, to make an appointment.

Note for students with Chinese AP scores:
You are all required to take the placement test if you would like to study Chinese at NU and/or satisfy the foreign language requirement of your school.

Please contact the coordinator of the Chinese placement test, Professor Chin-Hung Chang (

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