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Independent Study

Culture-based Independent Study

ASIAN_LC 399 (Independent Study) is open to Senior Majors, Senior Minors, and Majors with Junior Standing in the Asian Languages and Cultures department.  The following information does not apply to ASIAN_LC 399 courses that are dedicated to the completion of an honors thesis. Prospective thesis writers should speak directly with their thesis advisor or the director of undergraduate study.

Application Procedure

Students must submit their 399 Application for Culture-based Independent Study to the Director of Undergraduate Studies one week before departmental pre-registration occurs (this usually falls one week prior to the college's Open Registration, the dates of which can be obtained from the CAESAR booklet, or from the Registrar's calendar website). The application must include:

This application is then circulated to the Undergraduate Committee for approval before the student may register for it. If approval is granted, the DUS will sign the form and the Department Assistant will email the student a permission number, allowing him or her to register for the class.

Please return the completed APPLICATION via email to the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

Language-based Independent Study

CHINESE, HIND_URD, JAPANESE, KOREAN 399, language based Independent Study, is offered for qualified students in the Department of Asian Languages and Cultures (ALC). It is open to ALC majors/minors who have advanced beyond the highest level courses of the target language or equivalent. The subject matter should be one that is not already covered in regular course work. 399 is a full credit course, and it cannot be taken P/N. A 399 language-based Independent Study offered through ALC must involve texts or media in the original language and must focus on a clearly defined project that meets academic standards and demonstrates intellectual rigor. Applications for language-based Independent Study (399) must be approved by the program coordinator and the Director of Undergraduate Studies. An application will be denied if the proposal does not meet the standards set forth or is outside the scope of 399 language-based Independent Study. A language-based Independent Study will only be offered when a qualified faculty member is available.

Application Procedure
  1. Meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies and get approval before filling out the application
  2. Complete the 399 application, which must include:
    1. A completed 399 Application for Language based Independent Study
    2. Detailed proposal of the work to be done which must include:
      1. Rationale describing how this 399 will fit into the student’s academic goals in relation to a senior thesis, major, minor and/or language study completed so far
      2. Set of learning goals student aims to achieve through the work
      3. List of readings and other relevant materials
      4. Proposal of how the work will be evaluated
      5. Tentative weekly schedule of meetings with a faculty supervisor
    3. Copy of the current Northwestern academic transcript
  3. Discuss the proposed language-based Independent Study (399) with a potential faculty supervisor and obtain endorsement on the 399 application.
  4. Submit the 399 application materials to the Director of Language Programs via email to Rami Nair by the deadline (see the application form).
  5. The program coordinator of the relevant language program will review the application and will notify the student.