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Hindi-Urdu Language Courses

Hindi-Urdu Language

HINDI URDU 111 – Hindi-Urdu I

Overview of the class
This course is a year long, three quarter sequence, and is meant for students with no Hindi-Urdu background. At the beginning of the three quarter sequence, the students are not expected to be able to speak, understand, read or write any Hindi-Urdu. In the first quarter (Hindi-Urdu 111-1) the students are introduced to the Hindi (Devanagari) script and to aspects of Hindi-Urdu grammar. By the end of this quarter the students are be able to talk about their family, their routines, their likes and dislikes, and also describe actions in progress. In the second quarter (Hindi-Urdu 111-2), the students continue to learn new grammatical constructions. By the end of the second quarter the students are able to talk about events in the past and the future. In the third quarter (Hindi-Urdu 111-3) students learn to express possibilities, wants, abilities and capabilities. They also learn finer aspects of grammar. The third quarter culminates in a cooking project, which requires the students to use the cumulative language skills that they would have honed over the period of the academic year. By the end of this quarter students achieve intermediate-low language skills in Hindi-Urdu. 

Registration Requirements
None for Hindi-Urdu 111-1, Hindi-Urdu 111-1 with a C- or better for Hindi-Urdu 111-2, Hindi-Urdu 111-2 with a C- or better for Hindi-Urdu 111-3, and by placement test or with instructor consent.

Teaching Method
Textbook, word-games, YouTube videos, internet and in-class materials

Evaluation Method
Assessment is based on weekly quizzes, attendance, classroom participation and presentations, home assignments, mid-terms and an oral interviews. No final exam.

Class Materials (Required)
Richard Delacy and Sudha Joshi Elementary Hindi  ISBN-13: 978-0804845038
Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary*  ISBN-13: 978-0198643395
Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary  ISBN-13: 978-0195648195

Class Materials (Recommended)
Introduction to Hindi Grammar by Usha R. Jain ISBN-13: 978-0944613252

HINDI URDU 116-0 – Accelerated Hindi-Urdu Literacy

Overview of class
This course is designed for students who speak Hindi and/or Urdu, but who cannot read and write in both scripts. Students will learn how to read and write in Devanagari (Hindi) and Nastaliq (Urdu) scripts. We will also review Hindi-Urdu grammar, focusing on areas that present difficulty for heritage speakers. At the end of the quarter, students will be evaluated for placement into higher-level Hindi-Urdu courses such as HIND_URD 121, 210, 310, 320, etc.

Registration Requirements
With instructor/departmental consent.

Teaching Method

Evaluation Method
Assessment is based primarily on in-class quizzes, attendance, classroom participation, and home assignments. No final exam.

Class Materials (Required)
Richard Delacy, Read and Write Urdu Script: 978-1444103939
All other essential materials will be available through Canvas.

Class Materials (Suggested – these may change)
S.K. Verma, Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary: 978-0195648195
Shanul Haq Haqqee, Oxford English-Urdu Dictionary: 978-0195793406
R.S. McGregor, Oxford Hindi-English Dictionary: 978-0198643395
S.M. Salimuddin and Suhail Anjum, Oxford Urdu-English Dictionary: 978-0195979947

HINDI URDU 121 – Hindi-Urdu II

Overview of class
This is a year long, three quarter language sequence. Students start the year by working on reinforcing all the language skills attained the year before, and adding the Nastaliq (Urdu) script to their skill set. They continue developing speaking skills and listening comprehension, as well as expanding the Hindi-Urdu grammar and vocabulary. We do so by reading poems, short stories, blogs, watching and discussing movie clips, short films and videos, and making in-class presentations. Some of the topics that we touch upon during the year are short Hindi-Urdu stories, stories from the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the tales of Akbar and Birbal, etc. By the end of the three quarter sequence students attain intermediate-mid or higher language proficiency in Hindi-Urdu.

Note: Please purchase all the required textbooks in the fall quarter, as this is the only quarter that they are ordered during the year.

Registration Requirements
C- or better in Hindi-Urdu 111-3 for Hindi-Urdu 121-1, Hindi-Urdu 121-1 for Hindi-Urdu 121-2, Hindi-Urdu 121-2 for Hindi-Urdu 121-3, and by placement test or with instructor consent.

Teaching Method
Textbook, extra materials, movies.

Evaluation Method
The students are graded on the basis of home assignments, weekly quizzes, midterm, attendance, oral interviews and class participation. No final.

Class Materials (Required)
Advanced Hindi Grammar (2007) by U. Jain. Publisher: Institute of East Asian Studies; ISBN-10: 094461342X ISBN-13: 978-0944613429
Oxford Urdu-English DictionaryISBN-13: 978-0195979947
Oxford English Urdu Dictionary  ISBN-13: 978-0195793406
Oxford Hindi-English DictionaryISBN-13: 978-0198643395
Oxford English-Hindi Dictionary ISBN-13: 978-0195648195

Class Materials (Recommended)
Intermediate Hindi Reader (1999) by U. Jain with K. Schomer. Publisher: Institute of East Asian Studies; ISBN-10: 087725351X ISBN-13: 978-0877253518
Intermediate Hindi (1996) by Y. Kachru and R. Pandharipande Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass. ISBN-10: 8120805585 ISBN-13: 978-8120805583

HINDI URDU 210 – Health and Well-being

Health and Well-being is a mid/high intermediate level class of Hindi-Urdu, that has been designed especially with future health professionals in mind, although other students too will benefit from taking the class. In this course, students will not only learn medical vocabulary that will allow them to interact with Hindi-Urdu speaking patients, but they will also learn about the cultural and social aspects of the Hindi-Urdu speaking population, that will allow them to communicate with them more successfully. Students will thus be developing linguistic and cultural competence around the topic of Health, allowing them to understand the needs and perceptions of the Hindi-Urdu speakers. If they want, they will be able to apply their newly formed skills at the Devon Clinic (optional).

Registration Requirements
Prerequisites: Grade of at least C- in HIND_URD 121-3 or language placement or permission of the instructor. Devanagari script only.

Teaching Method

Evaluation Method
The students are graded on the basis of home assignments, weekly quizzes, attendance,  class participation and final project.

Class Materials (Required)
All materials available online; handouts.


HINDI URDU 316 – Translation and Literature

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