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Fall 2022 Class Schedule

This page was last updated May 27, 2022.  Information is subject to change.

Courses marked with an * are available for graduate credit.

ASIAN LC 202Taiwanese New Wave CinemaTTh  9:30am-10:50am
ASIAN LC 240Contemporary Women Authors of South Korea and Feminist CriticismTTh  11am-12:20pm
ASIAN LC 261Living Indian Epics - RamayanaMW  2pm-3:20pm
ASIAN LC 261The Big B: Amitabh Bachchan and Bollywood StardomMW  12:30pm-1:50pm
ASIAN LC 290East Asian Religious ClassicsTTh  11am-12:20pm
ASIAN LC 290Intro to Tibetan LiteratureTTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
ASIAN LC 300*Grassroots Revolt in China TodayMW  3:30pm-4:50pm
ASIAN LC 390*Buddhism and GenderW  3pm-5:30pm
ASIAN LC 392Media in East AsiaTTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
ASIAN LC 492*Readings in Tibetan Texts: TBAMW  3:30pm-4:50pm remote
ASIAN LC 492*Comparison and InterdisciplinarityT  2pm-4:50pm
CHINESE 111-1Chinese IMTWTh  10am-10:50am
CHINESE 111-1Chinese IMTWTh  11am-11:50am
CHINESE 111-1Chinese IMTWTh  1pm-1:50pm
CHINESE 115-1Chinese I - AcceleratedMTWTh  11am-11:50am
CHINESE 115-1Chinese I - AcceleratedMTWTh  12pm-12:50pm
CHINESE 121-1Chinese IIMTWTh  10am-10:50am
CHINESE 121-1Chinese IIMTWTh  12pm-12:50pm
CHINESE 121-1Chinese IIMTWTh  1pm-1:50pm
CHINESE 125-1Chinese II - AcceleratedMTWTh  10am-10:50am
CHINESE 125-1Chinese II - AcceleratedMTWTh  11am-11:50am
CHINESE 125-1Chinese II - AcceleratedMTWTh  12pm-12:50pm
CHINESE 211-1Chinese IIIMTWTh  2pm-2:50pm
CHINESE 215-1Chinese III - AcceleratedMTWTh  9am-9:50am
CHINESE 311-1Chinese IV - Formal SpeakingMW  2pm-3:20pm
HINDI URDU 111-1Hindi-Urdu IMTWTh  10am-10:50am
HINDI URDU 111-1Hindi-Urdu IMTWTh  12pm-12:50pm
HINDI URDU 116-0Accelerated Hindi-Urdu LiteracyMTTh  3pm-3:50pm
HINDI URDU 121-1Hindi-Urdu IIMTWTh  1pm-1:50pm
JAPANESE 111-1Japanese IMTWF  9am-9:50am
JAPANESE 111-1Japanese IMTWF  10am-10:50am
JAPANESE 111-1Japanese IMTWF  11am-11:50am
JAPANESE 121-1Japanese IIMTThF  12pm-12:50pm
JAPANESE 121-1Japanese IIMTThF  1pm-1:50pm
JAPANESE 211-1Japanese IIIMTThF  2pm-2:50pm
JAPANESE 313-1Japanese IV: Japanese Newspaper Reading and News ListeningTTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
KOREAN 111-1Korean IMTWTh  1pm-1:50pm
KOREAN 111-1Korean IMTWTh  2pm-2:50pm
KOREAN 111-1Korean IMTWTh  3pm-3:50pm
KOREAN 121-1Korean IIMTWTh  11am-11:50am
KOREAN 121-1Korean IIMTWTh  12pm-12:50pm
KOREAN 125-1Korean II - AcceleratedMTWTh  10am-10:50am
KOREAN 211-1Korean IIIMTWTh  1pm-1:50pm
KOREAN 311-1Korean IV: Readings in Korean LiteratureTTh  3:30pm-4:50pm
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